Eeny, meeny, miny, moe . . .

As a child, you were probably familiar with this way of choosing. If not, maybe you played rock, paper, scissors? So, if we were playing that game today, the question would be: Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, we have reservations but should we go? The decision today is much more serious than those choices we were making back then as children. As you read in the post, Post Cards From The Road 2020, “Houston We Have An Itinerary,” we have our Summer 2020 trip planned including reservations and deposits. It is a dream trip leaving June 15th and returning here November 1st. But now we are asking ourselves, WHEN or IF it will be safe to leave our current shelter in place resort?

We have been in touch with the friends we’ve made while here who have returned to their homes in the Midwest. They had no problems staying while on the road and once they did return they stayed in their rigs for fourteen days and then could join the “new normal.” I’ve been in no hurry to cancel our reservations, expecting to loose our deposits, and after all our trip is still months away. But, we’ve come to the realization that IF we do get to leave, we won’t be able to make the trip as planned. So now what? We decided to cancel the upper mid country portion of our trip from Branson, North to Wyoming, Montana, Mount Rushmore, Yellowstone, Salt Lake City, and then down to Vegas. We are holding on to the portion of the trip from Florida to Branson, hoping we will be able to make that portion of our trip later this year, then head across I-40 to Flagstaff and Sedona, and maybe just maybe the Balloon Fiesta will be held in early October? If so, we will figure out a new route out there and back. And if not, we don’t have it bad where we are. I am not complaining.

When we decided to move into a motor home full time, people asked us how we would handle being together all day every day. Welcome to our world! This closeness has not been a problem for us. We actually like each other. What you do have to work out is how you handle the situations that arise. Do you talk about it fairly and be willing to compromise. When we started this adventure, Kathryn committed to trying this lifestyle for two years. Given the possibility of no trip this year, she has given a concession of a third year! When we lost our beloved Sienna last year, I said no puppy ever again. So my compromise is perhaps, since it looks very unlikely we will be going on the road, now would be a good time to train a new fur baby.

By the way, thank you KOA for the way you are handling cancellations. As a VIP member, not only are they returning deposits in full, they are also not charging cancellation fees either. I did encounter two private campgrounds that charged a fee for cancelling, but I get it. They spent time making and cancelling reservations and also incurred banking charges.

Whatever YOU decide to do about your travel plans, and however you make that decision, STAY SAFE EVERYONE!

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