And In The Beginning

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Now that we have decided we want to start this adventure, just how do we go about it? If travelling across the country is something you may want to do, here are the steps we took. This information is not meant to be a how to, nor is it advice meant specifically for you. It is not recommendations. It is simply what we did as we progressed along our journey. We hope this information will help you understand what you know and what you don’t. (yet) As the saying goes, “My advice is free and you get what you pay for!”

If you want to know how deep the water is before jumping in, try to learn everything you can from everyone willing to share. If you’ve never lived in an RV, rent one first. I say again, rent one first. It doesn’t matter if you are taking your rental across town, or across your state, try a trip first to see if this is what you thought it would be. Is this a lifestyle that is right for you? I lived on Youtube for months trying to answer my questions. I would highly recommend the online course  by Marc and Julie Bennett of RVLove. It will cost a few hundred dollars but will save you thousands. Shortly after I started writing this site, their knowledge was published as a new book, Living the RV Life Your Guide To Life On The Road. The book goes into detail about any question you may have about RV life, whether you are considering part or full-time. Like everything else in life, with every decision there is a trade off. Knowing what is important to you will help to get you closer to meeting your expectations. Then, after you’ve made a plan be flexible and ready for the unexpected. Let’s start with the big questions you should ask yourself first:

Do you want to travel full time or part time? What is the right RV for you? A trailer or fifth wheel that you tow or a motor home you drive? Should you buy new or used? If you go motor home, should it be powered by gas or diesel? How big is the right size for you? How much will it cost to hit the road and how much will it cost to stay on the road? Should you sell your house and not have a place to return to if this isn’t what you thought it would be, or should you rent your home while you are away on a trial run. Or, split the difference and rent an apartment to come back to? Do we get rid of all our stuff or just some of it and rent a storage unit?

To find out more about these questions and to help you reach an answer that is right for you, each blog entry covers one subject and what we decided is right for us. That way you can go directly to the topic you want to find out more about. Happy research!