From Here To There


If you have made it this far into our website, we appreciate your attention. Have you sent us any questions? Made any comments? Did you know, if you become a follower, you will automatically be notified when we add something new? We would really love to hear from you! But, if you are just curious as to what happened next, here is the story:

It all started one night watching television. We have two hundred plus channels and we can’t find anything to watch except Raymond and Golden Girls reruns, The Food Network, and HGTV. While scrolling down thru the channel guide, we came upon something called Let’s Go RVing on the GAC network. It is basically the House Hunters Show but for RVs. So Kathryn looked at me and said, “That’s what we should do.” Without hesitation I answered, “I’m in!” Now this is not as spontaneous as it sounds. We already made the decisions we want to downsize and we no longer want the responsibility of owning a home. So the question is to go where and do what? And here is the answer right on our TV screen. It must be a sign?!

But how do we get from here to there? There are dozens of factors to consider: Do you want to go part or full-time? Start out with a few trips for a weekend, or for a few weeks, then months at a time? Sell the house or rent it out during the trial period? What about all our stuff? Put it in storage? Sell everything but a few precious items? Purchase an RV that you tow or a motor home that you drive? How much will it cost, both to purchase the RV and then to live on the road? What about healthcare? How do you get your mail? And the one comment many people say, “You know even a forty foot motor home can get very small if you two are together ALL THE TIME!”

The last one is the easiest to answer for us. We are together all the time now. We’ve been married for fourteen years and have worked together longer than that. We actually liked each other as friends before we became husband and wife. I know right? Yes, we know how lucky we are!

Our next step was to do the research to answer all these questions. We aren’t going to do this tomorrow and not until we have a clear picture of what it is we are considering. I only need to know how deep the water is but Kathryn would like to know how cold it is, does it drop off quickly, are there any animals swimming in there I can’t see? This is why we are a good team, because we balance each other. (see blog entry “Watch Your Step!”) If hitting the road is on your mind and you have these questions as well, click on the blog link with the subject matter you want to know more about. I’m no expert and I am sure experience will change what I think right now, but you may find out what you don’t know!