A Real Perspective

Just a year ago, I convinced Kathryn to sell our home, sell our furniture, sell our cars, sell our stuff, and move into a motor home for a life of full time travel and adventure. Our first year was both exciting for me and worrisome for her, but we survived. We returned to Florida in November as planned and in February, laid out the route for this year’s adventure. Then, like all of you, in March everything changed. We went into shelter in place mode for an undetermined amount of time. Fortunately, we are in a beautiful resort, only leaving for groceries, and social distancing from the friends we made while here.

We are still sheltering in place at our RV Resort until future notice. Many states have started to reopen albeit at limited capacity with social distancing in place. We are just not comfortable heading out yet until two months after things are back to the “new normal.” Even then, think about where we had planned to go. Branson, MO: We’re not comfortable sitting at a show with a few hundred other people. Yellowstone: things are still not open and even when it does open it will be at limited capacity. Vegas: I don’t think so! The trip to these places is being postponed until next year at the earliest. Kathryn has officially agreed to a third year on the road and I have officially agreed to a new puppy. Marriage is all about compromise whether you are in 2,500 square feet or 400 square feet.

So what are we doing? We are watching an endless amount of news and have become addicted to The Game Show Network. Especially, The Chase and Family Feud reruns. “Good answer, good answer!” Kathryn has returned to crocheting both hats for the homeless and prayer shawls for our church ministry. I am travelling thousands of miles all over the United States via YouTube, without ever leaving our site. If you want to join the adventure, I recommend the “Travelling Robert, Free In My RV.” channel. His entries are well done with creative content, beautiful footage and original music. These virtual voyages are not at all the same thing, but it’s better than nothing.

Don’t get me wrong. I AM NOT complaining. We are healthy, in a safe location and aren’t suffering at all. To put our current life in real perspective, last week I received a phone call from one of my best friends. He is again loosing his battle against cancer. Gives you a real perspective, doesn’t it?

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  1. Paul, great to hear you and Catherine are safe in Punta Gorda. All is good here in Venice.

    Take care…..


    William D. St. Jean

    Phone: (+1) 203 788 1561



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