Where Do We Go From Here?

Like all of you, we have no idea! We have already planned our trip and made our reservations. The plan was to leave Punta Gorda on June 15th. Now, maybe or maybe not?! Depending on the spread of the virus or hopefully the lack of spread, we will change that plan. Will we drop out the first X stops and pick up the itinerary from there? Or cancel the whole trip? Or completely change the trip? To be determined.

The good news is, if we have to shelter in place, we are in a great place. We are in a spacious campground with plenty of room between sites. Many have left to head back to Canada per their government instructions, or have left to shelter back in their homes with family and friends. Those who are still here have been for months. So, our exposure risk like all of you is in going to the store for necessary supplies. In doing so, we are trusting those around us are practicing social distancing and have not been exposed that they know of. Personally, I think all of us will get this and just pray that our case is mild not much more than a bad cold. These are strange times indeed. Stay safe everyone!

UPDATE: As of March 24th, our resort is in self isolation. The clubhouse is closed and locked, all activities are cancelled, and no new reservations are being accepted. We still have rigs leaving to shelter in place back home with family and friends, hoping states don’t close their borders while they are on the road. And yes, many campgrounds are closing. We aren’t moving and will ride it out here until it is safe to travel. So far, Charlotte County has only reported four positive cases. Here’s praying . . .

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