Stop Thirty Eight

I have really been reticent to write this post, stop thirty eight of thirty eight, because it means the trip has come to an end. After researching, planning, and booking the trip in 2019, then waiting out COVID in 2020, it couldn’t really be over, could it? Say it ain’t so! Of course, there will be more posts in the future just not as frequent, and the subject matter will be about what our future holds as that unfolds. Don’t forget about us!

If you go back to the posts before the trips, the whole process of living in a motor home is documented. The downsizing, the selling our home, the finding the coach, and then the actual trips, one and trip two, are the subjects of the posts. I created this website in case someone said to me, “We want to do that in two years.” My idea was there would be a place to read about what possibly to expect.

Our future posts will be of the nature: what happens next? Will we take another trip? Or continue to live in our coach, only in Florida? Or sell it and move? To where? The likely move is back to Venice as that is where our friends, doctors, church, and Usher’s vet are all located. If you are one of the people who told me you really enjoyed reading the descriptions of each stop, or looking at the photos on the Post Cards Page, thank you for your comments. We are glad you were able to take this trip with us! This website has been a labor of love and a creative outlet for me.

Have you ever been to a sporting event or huge concert where the attendants guide you right into the parking spot where they want you to park, one right next to the last, and the next one will be right next to you? The system does get everyone parked quickly and efficiently. Welcome to stop 38, the Travelers Campground in Alachua, Florida for an overnight, to break up the drive home. Since it is located adjacent to I-75, there is a whole section, where our site was, reserved for just getting off the road for the night and not disconnecting the toad or trailer. It was the strangest campground set up ever! It was like a giant puzzle and you just fill in the pieces. The rows are lettered A thru F, and the sites are numbered 1 thru 7. If your site is C-3, turn right at the third row and stop three sites in. You just park one behind the other leaving a space between each other with hopefully, enough space so when you want to leave in the morning your left turn exit has room enough, or that guy leaves before you. As weird as this whole set up was, it works! We all parked safely for the night and we were on the road easily for the last 240 miles to Punta Gorda. Ratings: Kathryn 4, Paul 4, out of 10.

Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world. Gustave Flaubert

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