Stop Thirty Seven

For the almost last stop, thirty seven of thirty eight, we traded in our Gulf view for a lakeside view again. We are finishing big! Stop 37 was the Twin Lakes Camp Resort in DeFuniak Springs, Florida for four nights. Our site was up on a bluff, under tall trees, overlooking one of the many docks, and of course the lake. It’s called twin lakes because it is located on a dead end, a peninsula, surrounded by two lakes, with water views in every direction. We faced the sunrise on the smaller Holley Lake. I loved just watching the sun’s reflection dancing on the water. The other side of the resort faced the sunset on the larger King Lake. As you would expect, this is a popular destination for fishing. Either in your own boat, a pontoon boat or kayak you can rent, or from the multiple docks all around the property.

This resort really had the feel of a campground. And not in Florida. From the hilly grounds and the tall trees, it could be in the Carolinas, Massachusetts, or many other states. There were families in multiple sites sharing good times around the fire and complete strangers friendly and welcoming, ready to start up a conversation. It didn’t have the feel of most of the places where we’ve stopped, “just here for the night, or for a few days.” Because of the remote location, I almost had a hard time sleeping. There was no traffic noise from the nearby interstate and no train whistles off in the distance, (good bye Cousin Vinny!) just the wind whistling thru the leaves on the tree tops. The sites were very close together and very difficult to navigate. We were lucky and had a site on the end that was easy to pull straight into. I don’t know how some people were able to back their trailers into their sites with trees so close on both sides and little room to make the turns you need to when backing up.

On our first night we had a weather scare with tornado warnings. We’ve been lucky and one step ahead of the bad weather. The week after we left Albuquerque, they were hit with really high winds. And the week after we left Houston and Lake Charles, they were hit with tornados. We got lucky again! This time the storm passed to the North of us. With the daytime high temps in the low seventies, it really did feel like fall, but it is the end of October.

Enjoy the little things in life . . . for one day you’ll look back and realize they were the big things. Robert Brault

The campground has a boutique and resort store, a swimming pool, and an activity center. And a multiple ways to stay. They offer cabins, suites, glamping tents, lake houses, tiny houses and of course RV sites. As their booklet says, “Our heritage accommodations are themed with national historically registered buildings, by original paintings from a local artist. Our ratings: Kathryn 6, Paul 6, out of 10.

On to Alachua, Florida for the final stop!

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