Stop Thirty Five

Since we’ve started this RV adventure, we’ve met so many people who a) stay ten or twelve miles from their home. They tell us, “It’s still getting away! We can’t do the house projects if we aren’t there!” And/or b) “We use the RV to travel the country just to visit family and friends all around the country.” You see, it’s not just about vacationing at the national parks. At this stop, the site to our left came here to celebrate at their son’s birthday party on Saturday night, and on Sunday he and his family came to be lakeside for a cookout. The site to our right included three generations of at least eleven people for fishing, bike riding, mini golf and a BBQ. A great family reunion! It doesn’t matter whether you RV in a tent, trailer, fifth wheel or diesel pusher, being out here affords the opportunity to share good times together, or together again.

And that’s why we stopped at the Lafayette KOA in Scott, Louisana for two nights. To visit our good friends Kermit and Urlene. They were born and raised in Lafayette, went to school here, their families still reside here, so they moved back several years ago. We met them when they lived in Venice and we all volunteered for many activities together in The Knights of Columbus. It was great to see them again and to reminisce about the times we shared. After lunch lakeside, (I now know what a Poor Boy is) they gave us a tour of Lafayette, including their townhouse and a visit to The Cathedral of Saint John the Evangelist, where they were married sixty years ago. Their visit got me to thinking during our two trips, just how many family, friends, people I went to high school with, old neighbors from Venice, and current neighbors from Punta Gorda. Facebook is great but there is no substitute for spending time together again. As they say in Cajun Country:

“Laissez les bon temps rouler!” Let The good Times roll!

The KOA was what we have come to expect: clean, well maintained, the pool, mini golf, playground, paved, level, with a reasonable amount of space between each site. But KOA also had a small lake. Since we are nearing the end of our trip, we upgraded our sites whenever possible, so this booking put us lakeside. Our site included a covered picnic table, a swing, and a fire ring. Very nice. The bad news, it was literally right next to I-10 so there was the traffic noise, even on our side of the lake. The good news, we could still hear a train in the distance. “Cousin Vinny, Cousin Vinny!” Our ratings: Kathryn 8, Paul 8, out of 10.

On to Biloxi, Missippippi.

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