Stop Thirty Four

I have heard about the unbearable traffic in and around Houston, so before we left Elm Mott, I programmed our motor home specific GPS, looked at Google Maps, and studied directions for an hour, so we would not end up in downtown Houston. WRONG! All I wanted to do was get across Route 290 to I-45, as the campground was an exit right off I-45. You think there was a sign, any sign, for I-45? And of course once I was downtown the only thing to do was follow the GPS to get out of there. My directions were rendered useless. Added to all this, traffic flies by you on both sides at 65 miles per hour. Sorry people! I have no idea which of these six lanes I am supposed to be in, and I can’t drive any faster weighing 33,000 pounds towing a car. After the GPS finally got us turned around back the way we came, voila! Signs all over the place for I-45. I stopped saying to Kathryn a long time ago, “It’s all part of the adventure!” Any wonder?

Stop thirty four was the Brickhouse RV Resort in Kemah, Texas for two nights. Yes, we are working our way home two nights at a time. No long pushes are needed. You could tell we are getting closer and closer to home as the temperature was already 83 degrees and the humidity was 60%. I miss those 49 degree mornings already. Kemah was stop thirty four of thirty eight, but who is counting? (Kathryn) It is just southeast of Houston, very near The Johnson Space Center, who offer two and five hour tours, but we weren’t interested in those. There are also tours available for the Houston Ports, but we were happy to just chill. The campground was paved, had a pool, was in a convenient location, and right on the bay, but very crowded. I mean back to back, side to side, VERY crowded. I checked with our neighbor to see if they would be leaving before us because there was not enough room for me to turn left and make a clear exit. Fortunately they left for work at 6:30 and we are rarely on the road before 9:30. Our ratings, Kathryn 6, Paul 7 out of 10.

We did discover The Kemah Boardwalk and Amusement Park which was very nearby. It is a sixty acre park right on the Gulf Coast/Galveston Bay/Cedar Lake. At this time of year it is only open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and we were there on a Thursday, but no matter. We weren’t going on the rides anyhow, there were no crowds and plenty of parking. The park is laid out with the amusements in one area: The Century Wheel, a 65 foot Ferris wheel; the Boardwalk Beast, a giant open air speed boat ride that takes you out into Galveston Bay; the Boardwalk Bullet, a 96 foot tall wooden roller coaster that reaches speeds of 51 miles per hour and passes just 5 feel away from the waters edge; a double decker carousel; the Iron Eagle Zip Line; The Boardwalk Tower, a tower that takes you high above all this and back down again as it slowly rotates; the Pharaoh’s Fury, a pendulum ride that swings you from side to side; and a small train that runs around the edge of the amusement area. Then there is a boardwalk that goes along the edge of the water and has restaurants of every type including Bubba Gump Shrimp! Based on the size of the parking lots, this must be THE place in the summer. Right next to all this are several marinas with hundreds and hundreds of boats in port.

Next stop, Scott, Louisana.

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