Twelfth Stop

As the sun sets in the West, our travelers were seen pulling into the On-Ur-Wa RV Park in Onawa, Iowa for the night. On-Ur-Wa. Get it? It’s on your way to or from somewhere as who would stay in the middle of an Iowa cornfield for a vacation? Actually it is a very nice PARK not campground. It has that old time friendly feel to it described on their paperwork as, “We want you to be comfortable and feel like you’re at home while visiting us.” It’s true. Where else are you offered a free wine tasting of Iowa made wines at check-in? And that’s after you just passed the Dairy Queen at the end of the driveway! Guess what we had for dessert? Our ratings: Kathryn and Paul a 4 out of 10.

There are three really long drive days on our schedule we describe as three hundred miles or more. This was one of them. But, the drive was less stressful than a short drive in the East. You get on the Interstate, set the cruise control, listen to the ka thump, ka thump, ka thump of the expansion joints on the see ment road, and sit back and watch the corn pass by. We passed the exit for the Field of Dreams Ballpark. Really it was only one hundred and ninety miles away from the exit but out here, that’s nearby. We also passed the exit for The Bridges of Madison County and the Birthplace of John Wayne. I guess you just can’t see everything! (or choose not to) As we headed North on I-29 there was a huge sign with lights on top, ROAD CLOSED WHEN LIGHTS ARE FLASHING. And gates to make sure you don’t try it. I later found out the winds can get up to eighty miles per hour and they have to get everyone off the interstate. Fortunately for us that was not today. But, then what?

We are not sure why we decided to book here as the next stop is just the opposite, only forty three miles to the North. We booked this part of the trip back in October and this park was already closed for the season. We had to wait until April to even get them on the phone, so my guess is we booked here in April to be sure we were not adding an extra hour to the drive.

There are two not so exciting photos on the Post Cards 2021 Page. On to North Sioux City.

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