Thirteenth Stop

Our thirteenth stop was the KOA North Sioux City, South Dakota. Welcome to South Dakota The Gateway to the Great American West! The number thirteen was not unlucky but unnecessary. Let me explain. Shortly after we were settled in Kathryn asked, “Why are we here?” We know why we stopped in Onawa because that was as far as we drive in one day, but this stop was only forty three miles to the North and the next stop was only one hundred fifty four miles to the West – Mitchell, South Dakota.

In this part of the country there is Sioux City, Iowa, South Sioux City, Nebraska, North Sioux City, South Dakota AND Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When we went to the Walmart we drove from South Dakota, through Iowa to Nebraska, and that was only ten miles away! There is a KOA in Sioux Falls, which figuring mileage distance from stop to stop is probably what I should have booked, not here. I don’t know if she was just trying to make me feel better or less stupid, but the manager Theresa told me it happens all the time. People drive in ready to check in only to find out they are at the wrong KOA.

This area is big on hiking, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, camping, biking, river rambling and following the trail of Lewis & Clark. Sure there are some museums, St Joseph Cathedral, the Sculpture Walk, the Arc of Dreams Monument and the Butterfly House and Aquarium, but we weren’t so interested. So, rather than be here for three nights??? and Mitchell for one night, we cancelled one here and added one there to make it two and two. At least in Mitchell that will give us the opportunity to take the car off and visit THE Corn Palace. If you are traveling through South Dakota, besides Rushmore, The Black Hills, and Crazy Horse, you have to visit The Corn Palace and Wall Drug. I think it is a law?

This campground was a KOA. The good thing about a KOA you know what you are going to get. Although they are independently owned, you can count on perhaps a little crowded sites but they are usually clean and well kept with a store and laundry . They offer everything from tent sites, RV sites, cabins and in this case you can even stay in a Tee-Pee. We are after all in South Dakota. KOA’s are always geared for families and children. On weekends they have scheduled children activities. This one offers the playground, pool, jumping pillow, mini golf, barrel train rides and even a Hunt Brothers Pizza in the lobby who will deliver to your site! Our ratings: Kathryn and Paul 7 out of 10.

On to Mitchell!

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