Eleventh Stop

Our eleventh stop on GOAT Tour 2021 was Crossroads RV Park in Mt Pleasant, Iowa for an overnight. This is the third new state on our trip so far, but it’s all about visiting new territory from here. The park is aptly named as it is at the junction of two intersecting highways and not much else. The sites are gravel and level, but it had just rained hard which meant also muddy. It’s more of a glorified rest area than a park. Our ratings: Kathryn 3, Paul 4, out of 10.

But wait! there’s more. We often joke, we think it is a requirement to build campgrounds near train tracks as the sound of passing trains and the rumbling of the ground happens a lot. We just say to each other, “Cousin Vinny!” There is a line in the movie where Vinny asks the hotel clerk, “Does that freight train come through here here at 5:00 am every morning?” The clerk responds, “No sir, it’s very unusual.” (because the joke is it usually comes through much earlier) In our case at this RV Park, the train comes through at 5:24 am. Brings added meaning to the name Crossroads.

When we laid out this trip, the challenge was to break up the drive from Champaign to Sioux City, five hundred and thirteen miles, AND find an acceptable campground with reasonable ratings. We scoured the Peoria area, willing to change the route as long as it continued West. The best we could come up with was this stop in Mt Pleasant. It served the purpose of getting off the road for the night in a safe spot.

Since we left Punta Gorda on June 14th we’ve been on the road for a full month now but who is counting? (KATHRYN)

On to Onawa, Iowa.

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