Leaving Newark, Delaware heading to Galloway, New Jersey we took a detour. A planned detour, which is the best and hopefully only kind on this trip. Rather than drive the one hundred ninety six miles North into Delaware, crossing the Delaware River, and then South in New Jersey, we cut the mileage in half by boarding the Cape May Lewes Ferry.

The ferry traverses the seventeen miles crossing the Delaware Bay between Lewes, Delaware and North Cape May, New Jersey. Yes, there is plenty of room for more than one motor home, even towing a car. But, no spaces go to waste. They are expert at packing in the cars, trucks, motor homes, motorcycles, bicycles, even tractor trailers onto that deck, evenly distributing the weight. The crew that directs you is excellent. They had me inches off the wall pulling forward until we reached our parking space up front.

Above the cars are several decks for outdoor sight seeing, and a large indoor seating area complete with a gift shop and small restaurant. Not only was this a great detour, it was a beautiful day and pleasant ride on the water!

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