Fifth Stop

Our fifth stop on the GOAT tour 2021 was Island Resort campground in Newark, Maryland for three nights, which means a new state! We added the Maryland state sticker to the map of the United States on the side of the motor home showing the states in which we have stayed. Newark had a population of 339 people in the last census, so there are more people in this campground than the whole town. It’s all about the location. Newark is only sixteen miles from Ocean City and twelve from the Assateague Island National Seashore.

Island Resort Campground describes itself as a family owned facility since 2005 where you and your family can enjoy camping in a peaceful atmosphere and enjoy the outdoors. They mean it! When you check in they proudly tell you “we have no internet and no cable.” There are two lakes for catch and release fishing, canoe and kayak rentals, a large heated swimming pool and a section of the lake for swimming as well. It truly is a family friendly resort. Children are safe riding their bikes or driving golf carts all around this large huge property. Our ratings: Kathryn 8, Paul 8, out of 10.

If your family gets tired of nature you can head over to Ocean City. On the way you pass several go kart tracks, miniature golf courses, shopping, and of course lots and lots of crab restaurants. We are in Maryland after all! Ocean City is a beach town for sunbathing, flying a kite, surfing, parasailing, or swimming in the Atlantic. On the bay side there is Jet Skiing, boat rentals, paddle boarding, and ocean fishing charters and cruises. For us, the real draw is the boardwalk!

If you have never been to a shore town with a boardwalk, any word description does not do it justice. First there is the people watching. Every shape, size, and description strolls down the boardwalk wearing or not wearing whatever. And they are eating everything from ice cream, to funnel cakes and more. You don’t even have to walk. The tram will take you the full 2.45 mile length. The entire boardwalk is lined with t-shirt shops, every type of food to eat, guest houses and nicer newer hotels. We brought Usher in an open stroller and his head was on a swivel. He also attracted a lot of attention and met many, many, new friends even posing for pictures. The boardwalk is heavily patrolled by safety officers, police on foot and on bicycles, adding to the feeling of safety and family appeal.

The Southern end of the boardwalk is the amusement section. There is a one hundred year old carousel, roller coaster, arcades, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum, bumper cars, skee ball, a sling shot you sit in and it launches you into the sky, and two ferris wheels. One is called The Giant Wheel which is one hundred forty nine feet tall. BREAKING NEWS! It was just discovered a few weeks ago the Giant Wheel is ten feet over the property line onto city land and is a zoning violation. The city wants it moved or the owners will be heavily fined. The owner says he has no other space to move it to and that it will cost $100,000 to move it if he did. Stay tuned. Will this be the last year of The Giant Wheel? Believe it or not?

Our friends Kitty and Rich used to live in Maryland and came to Ocean City all the time. They told us, “you cannot leave with out trying Thrasher’s hand cut french fries.” There are several locations up and down the boardwalk so we took their advice, and are we glad we did. Delish! Along the way, Kathryn discovered one of her favorite treats, Dippin’ Dots ice cream. And I discover my all time favorite treat, chocolate covered Oreo cookies. Don’t come to the Ocean City boardwalk if you are on a diet.

We have decided we are going to create a best hamburger on the trip contest. That took us to Longboard Cafe’ for their “voted #1 best burger in Maryland for two years running. Our burgers are hand pattied 8oz, custom blend of chuck, brisket, and short ribs, from Roseda Farms in Maryland. More expensive but worth it. Served on fresh daily baked buns.” Kathryn had The Longboard – a sweet spicy bacon, provolone, horseradish crema, lettuce, red onion, medium fried egg. No roll of course. I had the Mushroom, Onion & Blue – red wine and balsamic mushroom saute’, caramelized onions, swiss cheese, super chunky blue cheese dressing, and extra napkins. These two choices are currently in first place of our contest.

We loved our stop in Ocean City. There are many photos on the Postcards 2021 Page above. Check them out! On to Galloway, New Jersey.

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