Sixth Stop

Our sixth stop was Shady Pines RV Resort in Galloway, New Jersey for seven nights. Calling this a resort is way beyond a stretch. Just because there is a pool on the property does not a resort make. We nicknamed it Shanty Town. But, we knew back when we were booking this trip, any location near the Jersey Shore was not going to be up to the standards we were wanting. Most campgrounds in South Jersey trade on their location because they don’t need to upgrade or offer much else. They sell out for the season “as is.” This was no exception. It was filled with mostly permanent residents, then seasonal residents who use this location as their “down the shore” home because it is less expensive than renting a house or staying in a motel. And finally there are a few sites designated as “transient.” Crowded is an understatement. The sites are very tight side to side and front to back. Most don’t even fit the RV and vehicle with it and the rest of the site is covered with lawn furniture, tents, and pink flamingos, so cars are parked on the streets where you are supposed to drive. The men’s shower/bath had five sinks and three soap dispensers and not one drop of soap in any of them. Before we booked here, we carefully read all the reviews for the area and chose here as the best of the worst. Our ratings, Kathryn 2 and Paul 2, out of 10. By the way, I almost forgot. If you ever visit New Jersey there are two things to remember. You don’t make a left turn. You use the Jug Handle on the right to go left. And, you can’t pump your own gas. New Jersey is one of the two states left in the United States where the station has to pay an attended to take your credit card, stick it in the pump, and hand it back to you.

Fortunately we did not come to Shady Pines for the campground. It was a good place to base from so we could visit with family and friends who we haven’t seen in two years. Mission accomplished! Linda and Luke came to join us for lunch. We had a fascinating in depth conversation with Grandson Luke. It is very interesting to know the thoughts of an intelligent twenty year old. We visited and had dinner with Joanne and Jim. We worked with Joanne for more than ten years at Merion Caterers and Resorts Casino. Thanks guys for a great dinner and lot’s of memories. And we visited with Chuck and Penny. On the way we were able to visit the cemetery where Kathryn’s parents are buried to pay our respects. We worked with Chuck and Penny at the Browse Around Antique Shop which Chuck owns. As we recounted the trip so far, Penny noticed we are on two different trips depending on if you talk with Kathryn (the glass is half empty) versus Paul. (the glass is half full) I write this blog of our trip focusing mostly on the good things that happen, and Kathryn has a much longer journal including the not so great things that happen as well. Fair enough Penny. Look for a post in the future called, “The Rest Of The Story.” If we were booking this trip again, we would cut three days out of the Midwest to add to the New Jersey stop because we didn’t have time to visit everyone. Sorry, Renate and Jack, Bob and Priscilla, and we missed our trip to South Philadelphia to go to 9th Street and Termini Brother’s Bakery!

Donna hosted the family for our Fourth of July celebration, pouring rain and all. Before all arrived, we got to tour the model on site for the new manufactured home development she is managing, The Cottages at Compass Point. Absolutely beautiful, but no we don’t want to move back to New Jersey. Once the gang arrived, the celebration was on! So was the competition – Corn Hole and Catch Phrase. And of course more food than ten people could eat. It was great to see everyone again and all at one time.

The photos of this stop are on the Post Cards 2021 Page, as I am not able to post them on a Blog. Check them out. On to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania!

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