It’s A Wrap!

When I worked for a living at a large advertising agency, that phrase meant the filming part of the commercial was finished and the assignment was moving into the next phase, editing. I guess that is true for our trip as well. We are now parked for six months in Florida and have already started to discuss what changes we want to make to our trip planning for May when we head out again. And as we meet others here for the Winter, their recommendations and experiences will be most helpful We think we are heading toward fewer destinations with more time between stops. Remember Paul, it’s All About the Journey, Not The Destination, and I Have No Where To Be and All Day To Get There! One thing is for sure, we are WAY smarter now about living full time in an RV than we were when left!!

The “by the numbers” recap for our trip are as follows: five months on the road; total trip miles 7,929; total miles since we purchased our coach in May 8,088; we stayed in thirty two campgrounds, two private residences, and one dealership parking lot; we stayed in seventeen states plus one Canadian Provence; our favorite places visited are Mackinac Island, Pictured Rocks, Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, The Falling Water FLW Home, and I actually stood on the grounds where President Abraham Lincoln delivered the Gettysburg Address ; our favorite camp grounds are KOA Whippoorwill, Orlando, Florida; KOA 1,000 Islands, Henderson, New York; and Cedarville RV Park, Cedarville, Michigan.

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  1. And a great time was had in the majority of the locals. I just finished reading all the escapades last night on your rvtours. Got all caught up on the happy and not so happy adventures. Love Love Love the photos and the opportunity to join you guys in a couple of the pit stops and states. It was a blast of a good time we had together in NH and PA.
    We hope to have an adventure or two next trip out meeting at a new adventure in 2020. Thanks for the invites.
    Kitty & Rich


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