It happened, and then it happened AGAIN!

Kathryn’s concern with this mobile lifestyle is worrying (constantly) about what’s around the next corner, figurative and literally.
And then, what do we do when it does happen? She’s watched many a YouTube video of the couple who came upon a bridge with a weight limit or an overpass that is too low, requiring them to disconnect the toad and try to make a U-turn, and then try to find a new route.

We’ve been extremely careful to never pull into any space where we can’t drive thru and pull out the other side. We have a specific GPS programmed for our weight and height and I always check the maps and website for our route to prevent this from happening. (thanks again Steve) On our route to Elizabethtown we decided to take a break at a Pilot/Flying J truckstop which we have done many times because there is always plenty of parking. Not this time! We didn’t need fuel so we didn’t pass thru the pump lanes but came around to park. Wrong – dead end, all parking was back in, with no way to turn around. So there we are jack knifed across all the fuel lanes exit. I am proud to say we had the car off, moved, and the coach turned around in less than five minutes. No one even had to wait to exit. Great teamwork honey! Eventually her heart rate returned to normal.

A few days later as we moved from Elizabethtown to head to Gettysburg, it happened again! I checked the maps, I checked the website, I programmed the GPS and we were good to go. Not! Following the GPS (see the post We Had The Talk) as we made the right hand turn, there was the twelve foot train trestle overpass sign. We stand twelve foot eight inches tall plus the air conditioners and satellite antenna. STOP. We now have practice disconnecting the car, were able to make a U-turn on a small two lane country road in short order. Then a local good Samaritan told us how to get to the turnpike from our location. We thought we were in good shape but it got worse from there. I had to get the motor home out of the way and drove off with Kathryn’s purse, driver’s license and phone, hoping to stop “down the road.” Wrong again. As I entered downtown Royaltown large oncoming dump trucks and I had to take turns passing each other so we both could get by. Kathryn was trying to follow in the Fit and Linda was trying to follow in her car. Of course, that was not possible and I was the only one with directions. After much stress we were able to reunite on Route 15 twenty miles from our destination. It all worked out but Kathryn’s worst fears have come true twice. Yes, after we were parked in our new campground, I did check the website and sure enough that train trestle was not marked. And I have no idea why the GPS didn’t know about it either. Another day, another adventure. Hang in there honey, please!


  1. I hope her nerves are back together now.
    And, does not appear to be your fault things are not always predictable. Personally, I am just extremely happy you both are OK.


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