2020 Vision

We are parked at Creekside RV Resort in Punta Gorda Florida until May 1st. It’s not fair to call this a campground as it is truly a resort. Now that the two hundred sites are almost completely filled, the normal choices of activities are endless: bocce ball, shuffle board, horse shoes, the heated pool, the hot tub, pickle ball, a walking group, bunko, bingo, coffee hour, booze bingo, game night, mahjong and more. And then there are the special activities: Christmas Eve gathering, Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve Celebration, a magic and comedy show, and the season is just getting started! The sites are filled with fivers, Airstreams, Phaetons, Dutch Stars and Provosts. If you know RVs that means mostly high end rigs. I am surprised how many people park these beautiful and expensive RVs and then go on vacation, like we aren’t already living the dream!

I loved being on the road and discovering all the places you will find on the Post Cards From The Road Page, but honestly it is nice to be parked for awhile. We are meeting many great people which doesn’t happen if you are moving every three or four days. If you are a frequent visitor of our site, you know Kathryn has not always shared my enthusiasm for this adventure. (see The Talk) But she said, “I promised to do this for two years and I always honor my promises.” Which means we will be heading out again come May. Perhaps that is the long term balance we will reach, travel for six months return to Florida for six months? Not a difficult life at all!

Which brings me to our title, what is our vision for 2020? We know a few factors: We are in Florida until at least May 1st. We don’t really want to travel more than three hundred miles in a day. We will make less stops and stay longer at each. And we are booked into Albuquerque for the Balloon Fiesta first week of October. The possible general direction includes Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana. At one point I thought I would like to work in Yellowstone and spend a few months there, but I’ve since reconsidered and want to see more places. There is no way we will visit all of these locations but it is a plan. And this trip, we will build the itinerary together not like last year when I did it all and Kathryn wasn’t even sure where we were headed next. If you know of some very special place not to be missed, drop an e-mail at basecamppk@hotmail.com. And of course, we hope you take this trip with us and follow along. Let’s make 2020 a year not to be forgotten!

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