We’ve Had The Talk

Seriously?! At our ages do you really think it was that talk? The talk involves what can we do to make this trip more enjoyable for Kathryn. Paul is really enjoying discovering new places. We’ve already seen so many friends and family, portions of the East Coast we only flew by on I-95, The Claude Monet Exhibit, The Newmar Factory, Sleeping Bear Dunes National Seashore, The Soo, Mackinac Island, The Picture Rocks National Seashore, Frankenmuth and so much more. And coming up in the next few weeks are more visits with family and friends, we have tickets for the Great Jack ‘O Lantern Blaze, Falling Water, (on Paul’s bucket list) a tour of the Toyota Factory and things we didn’t even know existed, yet.

Now the flip side of adventure on the road is THE unknown. What you ask? That’s why it’s called the unknown! Almost every day there is something not planned and you have to solve the puzzle. It could be a small mechanical issue, a low bridge that wasn’t on the map, or your mail forwarding service just closed their doors, your mail is still there, and you are not looking forward to of three days of changing addresses again WHEN you get a new one.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” Reinhold Niebuhr

We can’t do much about Kathryn’s health issues which are making parts of the trip uncomfortable but we can address the issues that add to the stress, thus “The Talk.” So, we have agreed to the following: 1. We have to slow the itinerary down. Moving so frequently is more work than fun. 2. No U-Turns. The few times we’ve done this, the whole coach shifts in directions it’s not meant to go and things happen, like a crashed jar of minced garlic on the floor. 3. No short cuts. I check the maps, we have an RV specific GPS, Kathryn can ask her phone for directions, but you have to pick one and follow only one. It must be the weight and height specific GPS! 4. Break earlier. Since my torn retina surgery, my depth perception has changed and I need to break earlier to stop 33,00 pounds of motor home. 5. Involve Kathryn in the itinerary planning. When I laid out this trip in April, Kathryn was knee deep in closing up our home, changing, moving, purchasing for our new home, and wasn’t able to go thru the itinerary before it was booked. That has now changed.

Stay tuned for how this is working out and if the trip is more enjoyable for both of us!

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