We’ve Learned The Language

We are in our fourth campground in Michigan and we have finally learned the language without an interpreter. A “Yooper” is someone who lives North of the Mackinac Bridge. A “Troll” is someone who lives under the bridge. The “U.P.” is the Upper Peninsula. The “Soo” is Saulte Ste. Marie. See how much smarter this trip has made us?

If you are following the Postcards From The Road page and you’ve only counted three campgrounds in Michigan, that’s because we are in Iron Mountain. There is nothing in Iron Mountain. If you Google “Top Ten Things To Do In Iron Mountain,” the answer comes back, “there is nothing to do here.” No really, try it! We are here because it is half way between Cedarville and Trego our next stop.

After twelve weeks on the road, we’ve learned a few other things as well. We each know our jobs well for set up and breakdown. We’ve gotten better at estimating how long it takes to drive from here to there. We have no trouble changing reservations if we think a different campground would be better than the one we have reserved. I know how to change from antenna to cable and scan for the available channels. And today, I learned how to turn on the furnace.

And the really good news, Kathryn is now able to sit in the navigator’s seat with her eyes open! (well mostly) She is adjusting to all the adjusting and might even start to enjoy the trip if her knees and stomach behave. I am really enjoying seeing the sites and am looking forward to the road ahead.


  1. I been keeping up with your travel and stops. Next after this stop you should be feeling a little more chill in the air. Make sure you keep up with the heater.


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