The Journey Begins



Everyone asks, “Can you back up a trailer?” Nope, not me. I moved my son from New Jersey to California towing his car on a trailer. Never once in three thousand miles, did I pull into a spot I could not drive thru and out on the other side. I just can’t figure out the turn left if you want the trailer to go right, thing.

They also ask, “Do you know how to drive one of those things?” Who me? No, but I have driven a box truck, in South Philadelphia, on the narrow icy streets.  And I love to drive anything with a motor. May I suggest it’s not the same thing? May I also suggest a test drive. No, not around the block or up the street, RENT ONE FIRST!  The money you spend on a rental will be well worth the cost, before you make such a large investment that you may regret later. Ask anyone who wanted to trade in their new purchase after the first trip.

People will ask “Do you know how to hook everything up and disconnect it?” (see the link the test drive) I say again, RENT ONE FIRST! They aren’t just not going to hand you the RV and wish you well. Somebody owns it and wants it back. In the condition it left. The rental company will explain how to operate all the functions. In your house, you throw the switch and the lights go on. You turn on the faucet and water comes out. That IS NOT going to happen in an RV unless you have set it up properly.

Should you decide to go all in and not rent first, there are ways to learn what you need to know. I lived on Youtube for months and months and months, watching, learning, getting the answers to my questions. Yes, there is even a video on how to drive an RV, how to set up your mirrors, when to turn left, when to turn right, how to back up correctly and much more. Seriously, I don’t know who posts all this information, but if you ever meet them, tell them I said thank you.

Another great resource I stumbled on is a school to learn how to RV. It’s called, RV Success School set up by Marc and Julie Bennett. It’s an online school that will cost you a few hundred dollars depending on what courses you select, but again it is a worthwhile investment. They cover everything! Choosing the RV, financing, budgeting, insurance, maintenance, towing options, conservation, domicile state, helpful apps, other websites, and so much more. There are even stories from other travelling RV’rs who will more than likely talk about a situation similar to yours.

If you are not that far into your decision yet but still have questions, click on the other blog links on this website. They are listed by topic to help you. But remember, my advice is free and you get what you pay for!


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