Towable or Motorhome

So you have decided to give this RV thing a try? For short trips? Forever? (well nothing is forever, just until) Now what? How you will utilize your RV makes a big difference in the RV you will want to purchase.

Towing a small trailer, or a larger fifth wheel, means you will spend less money on the RV itself, than what you would spend on a large Class A. (see the blog entry gas or diesel) Once you have arrived at your destination, you can hook up to your site, and you are free to go in your tow vehicle. IF, you already have a vehicle that can tow! If you opt for the large fifth wheel type RV, you are going to need a pretty substantial tow vehicle. Currently new full size pickups run in excess of $70,000 so add that to the price of the RV. Does this change your mind?

I can’t back up a trailer. No way! No how! I’ve tried. I even practiced with a small garden type trailer out in an open field. I know, turn right to have it go left. Nope, not that way. Let’s try that again? I’ve been told, the larger the trailer the easier it is to back up. Right, I’ll try it again as soon as I finish my letter to Santa. My son moved from New Jersey to California and Dad offered to drive the U-Haul truck, with his car on a trailer behind us. For three thousand miles, Dad did not pull in unless there was a way to drive right on thru and pull out. Once we finally got to LA and I pulled into the U-Haul lot, and they told me “It’s not this location, you have to go to the other one three miles down the road.” I immediately informed them, “Then you are turning this around!” Guess what? They jackknifed the rig in the back corner of the lot. We ended up unloading the car, taking the trailer off, and reconnecting it once the truck was turned around. (which I am able to do) Good lesson!

So towing an RV is not for me. We decided we like the living space and storage available in a Class A motor home. It’s like living in a small cozy cottage, only it moves to where you want it to be. We will tow a small car though, affectionately called a toad. (aka towed) It’s a small car you pull behind you to use once you are connected at your site to go explore the area and do our shopping. Your decision than is: Are you comfortable driving a big rig or towing a trailer?

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