Ninth Stop

Our ninth stop was the FMCA (Family Motor Coach Association) Campground in Cincinnati, Ohio for two nights. FMCA is like the AAA for autos. They offer group activities like rallies and tours, and group discounts on everything from tires, to insurance, to roadside assistance, for RV members. We joined the minute Kathryn learned if I die on the road, they will take the coach back to Florida and she can fly home!

The campground is small and intimate with only fifteen full hookup sites. That creates a super friendly atmosphere with easy conversations like where is your favorite campground, which direction are you going, and how do like your (coach name goes here). We are all sailors on the seas of highways in port for a night or two. As an FMCA member, we can stay here two nights a month for free. Can you believe it? And I thought New Stanton was a deal at $36.00 per night. Thank you FMCA for very specific directions on the website including don’t follow the GPS. Captain Lost appreciates the help! All sites are concrete but there are no facilities other than your site. For that reason our ratings are: Kathryn 7, Paul 7, out of 10.

“So much of who we are is where we have been.” William Langewiesche

The drive from New Stanton was one of the few long days on the road. So it was great to pull in and see the friendly faces of Carla and Mel. Later we were joined by Barbara and Jerry. We knew we were going to meet up here as we discussed itineraries in Florida before we left Creekside RV Resort, where we all spend the Winter months. From here they are heading to upstate New York and then on to New England and we continue heading West to Illinois.

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