And We’re Back

Back from THE trip we never took last Summer. After making all the reservations in February (only to cancel them all by June) I put each on the calendar in pencil. Once we didn’t go I would say, “today we are leaving X and heading to Y.” We never left Punta Gorda, so once the calendar turned November 1st we were back on the planned itinerary. The original plan has always been six months in Florida and six months on the road discovering America. Then came 2020!

And back from a week stay at The Tides RV Resort in Palmetto, Florida. (see Postcards from the road 2020) It was just a short drive to be somewhere else and to make sure I didn’t forget how to drive a forty foot motor home. It was good to be on the interstate again if only for sixty miles to the North. Since we were moving from the Summer site on the water to our Winter site a few sites over, we decided to add the road trip to the move just to make sure everything is in working order.

Mom in her kerchief and I in my cap have now settled down for a long winter’s nap!

As each month passes, Creekside RV Resort is filling with new and returning guests for the Winter months, except for the Canadians who are unable to return due to government and health restrictions. If that sounds severe, compare Canada’s COVID death rate to the rest of the world. They do what their government says to do! It is good to see returning friends again. We are all hoping once the scheduled activities resume we will not have to cancel them, be locked down again, and can return to normal, whatever that is going to be.

We are hoping to take the trip out West this Summer and have actually made reservations knowing it may or may not be possible. We’ll have to see and decide when or if . . .

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