Around The World In Forty Two Days

Well, that is not entirely true if you consider the months and months of planning, weeks of watching YouTube videos, days of asking questions, and hours of doing the budget, but the last forty two days HAS been a whirlwind!

Starting from when we moved out of our home of eight years, to taking the things we needed to live to the neighbor’s house across the street, and taking the things going into the motor home to the storage unit left side, and the things we weren’t sure of yet to the storage unit right side, the pace has really picked up. We seem to be playing our least favorite game a lot, “Do You Know Where The (item goes here) Is? It feels like once we untied the boat from the dock, the current took us downstream very quickly!

Life is like the river, sometimes it sweeps you gently along and sometimes the rapids come out of nowhere. Emma Smith

So in the space of forty two days, not only did we do all of the above, but we also rented a car to use until we found our tow vehicle, delivered my sold Explorer to the patient buyer who had been waiting for months, met the sellers at RV World to actually take possession of our motor home, rented a storage parking space to keep it while we slowly move in, and finally the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. Our best friend Kitty’s new car came in so we could purchase her 2007 Honda Fit with only 41,000 miles on it. If you want to flat tow a car, it can only be a certain make and model and this one meets all requirements. It’s Fit to Be Towed! (get it?) Back to RV World to have the front end taken off, towing equipment installed and the front end put back together. We are on schedule for our June 1st departure!

UPDATE ONE: There aren’t enough words to express how grateful I am to Chuck Hartley, a friend who has been RVing for eight years. Chuck spent long hours of his time taking me thru every button, switch and system on board our new rig. And there are so many! When you purchase a new motor home from a dealer, they spend hours explaining every system and button to you and how to use them. When you purchase from a private seller, not so much. Chuck also took me thru the procedures on how to check in, connect all systems, and how to disconnect when leaving. Thank you buddy for eight years of tips and tricks!

When I left “Chuck’s RV Park” I went to the empty high school parking lot and practiced backing in between two cones set ten feet apart. Got it! I am often asked, “Can you drive something this big?” The answer is yes. Kathryn brought the Fit down to the high school and we practiced connecting the towed to the coach and drove around the parking lot. Got it! We ARE on schedule for departure. Now to learn all those systems!!

UPDATE TWO: Every year we host a Christmas party for friends. One year we hosted forty nine. It’s a great time with great friends. This Christmas, we won’t be able to fit the group into a forty foot motor home, so instead, we hosted a Bon Voyage party in the driveway of our borrowed home. It was a great way to say good bye for now and for those who have never seen the inside of a motor home to see what they have only been hearing about for all these months. The photos are posted on the Post Cards From The Road page. Everyone tells me the best part of travelling full time is the places we will see and the people we will meet. As far as I’m concerned, we are already blessed with great people in our lives.

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