A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

If you’ve been following our progress, thank you! The last post was, We’re Gone Update Three. Previously, when we thought we had a deal, I called off the salespersons across the country on high alert, purchased insurance, was booking campground reservations and Kathryn was making more “necessary” purchases than a day trader in the stock market. So when it all came tumbling down it was very depressing to get back in touch with everyone and tell them we are back in the hunt for our coach. (Don’t cancel those orders Honey, we will find a motor home to hold that stuff) Hello, insurance company. I was just kidding. Can I have my money back?

As we were driving up Route 41 toward Sarasota to pick up our mail from our mail forwarding service, we were going to pass Gerzeny’s RV World in Nokomis. Kathryn asked me if I had put our salesperson there, Bob Hamill, back on the hunt and I told her I had via e-mail. She suggested we pull in just to say hi. This was actually the first place we came on day one of our search, now more than a year and a half ago. Wait for it! Wait for it! Don’t get ahead of the story! Being the extraordinary salesperson Bob is, he suggested we “Go out in the lot to kick some tires just to see what is out there. No commitment, just to understand what we like and don’t like. If it’s a don’t like, we will turn around and head to the next one.”

After the fourth of fifth coach, Bob suggested, “I don’t think you will find the PERFECT motor home with everything you want. You may have to settle for close.” We disagreed! We told him it was sitting in Milton, Florida and is now for sale! (again) His next suggestion was, “Then let’s go buy that one.” Wait what? How do we do that? After much negotiation between the sellers, his management, and of course us, he did it! The process was, Gerzeny’s purchased the coach as a consignment, sent the payoff money, and we immediately bought it from them. Of course there was a negotiated fee involved but the seller paid part, now has no loan, and the coach is sold. We paid part and got the Newmar of our dreams! We leave June 1st to go full time!

Call the insurance company back. Remember that cancellation, I was just kidding! Now to purchase our toad. (the small vehicle that will be behind the motor home) (aka towed)


  1. Looks like you two are all ready to “get outta Dodge”. You forgot…then the snafoo with Kathryn’s back. Then getting back in the saddle again to RV purchases.
    Reckon it will all work out.
    Congratulations to RV world.


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