What Size is the Right Size

Some people can live in a small space, others need to spread out. Do you need your own separate time away from everything? Or, are you a social person who likes to be with others A LOT. You have probably just answered your own question as to  what size RV is right for you. Well, that and all the other issues like: how much time will you actually be in the RV, where do I put it when not on the road, how much space is necessary for part time use versus full time living, (plus storage in the basement for all your stuff) and what are you comfortable driving?

For us the answer was easy, a Class A motor home, as we are going to live in it full time. Usually the first comment we get is “How will you get away from each other?” Really? Do we need to do that? We don’t now in a house of 2,400 square feet! But I get it, we are not everybody else.

We recently talked with gentleman who has been out there for a year now. (yes we WANT to talk with anyone and everyone who has experience on the road) For him, the decision of “what size is the right size” is a fifth wheel. It has the space he needs, likes the floor plan, and when he gets to where he is going, he can unhook his truck and go see what he drove there to see. Yes, it is all that personal and subjective.

We have decided on a Class A diesel pusher, (see the link gas or diesel) but which one? Thirty six feet didn’t seem like enough and forty five feet seemed like too much. So Goldilocks, thirty eight to forty seems just right, but again, which one. We had narrowed the manufacturer down to two, Tiffin or Newmar for reasons of quality built. We knew we wanted a bath and a half, so we started looking at Tiffin 38QRA’s. Very nice and everyone had nothing but good things to say about Tiffin in general and Bob Tiffin in specific on how he built such a quality reputation. “Did you know you can go to Red Bay Alabama and speak with him personally?” But we really didn’t like the placement of the TV over the fireplace, which means you have to look to the side to watch TV. (or the one over the cab) So we then moved on to search for a Tiffin 40QBH where the TV is over the fireplace, set in a corner behind the driver. But that seems to waste a lot of floor space. The search is now on for a Newmar Ventana 4037. Two recliners up front, facing a three person couch, with a televator* behind the couch, and since we are dreaming a booth not a dinette. This won’t have a fireplace, but we gain an extra pantry. It’s all about trade offs and what fits your lifestyle.

We have a BOLO (NCIS fans know this means Be On The Lookout For) listed with many RV sales people now that the big Tampa RV show is over and those purchasing a new 2019 will hopefully be trading in the perfect 2014 – 2016 we are looking for.

*a televator is a great invention that saves space and provides a convenient location for the TV. If goes down behind the couch for storage and comes up in front of the window for viewing.

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