Sell or Rent Your Home

Are you the kind of person who goes all in, right away? Or do you like to ease into new ideas? Then you probably have just helped to answer this question. Do you want the safety and security of having a place to return to when you take a break from being on the road? Is that place your current home? Or is any place you hang your hat home?

It makes sense then if you aren’t ever coming back to your current address, sell it! And everything inside as well. You can always put a few select things into a storage unit. But, if you want the feeling of familiarity and want to be surrounded by your things when you park, then renting out your home while you travel makes more sense. Or, have a trusted friend or family member move in temporarily to house sit while you are gone. You know, just until you make a final decision, realizing of course, there are no final decisions. Just the ones we make until the next one!

I would have a problem with renting out our home. I am so anal, that if something faces the wrong way by an inch, I have to straighten it out. Imagine the meltdown I would have returning to a home that had been occupied by renters who don’t care for things the way I do, especially my things! For us, renting or selling was an easy decision. We are selling our home and everything in it, down to the bare walls, and those too!


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