That’s A Wrap!

Even if you know nothing about the movie business, you know the phrase. It means the end of the filming, and the process will move on to editing, adding sound effects and music. The phrase has become universally accepted as the end of whatever you are currently doing. When I worked in the ad biz, that meant we would move on to “we’ll fix it in post.”

When I started this website, the purpose was to document the process of downsizing from our home, selling it, and purchasing a motor home, as a reference for those who told us “we want to do that in two years.” And of course to report on the trip itself to share with family and friends. So RVTourUSA is a wrap. This will be the last post. Thank you for being a follower and for your comments. I have enjoyed writing this immensely and going back to look at the post cards page often. It’s amazing how much you forget, even when you are the one who made the trip! We no longer go to the drug store, have our film developed, wait a week, and then keep the pictures in a drawer. Now, we just log on to our computers or phone!

As a final update to the last post, the move and transition back to sticks and bricks went amazingly well and all went as planned. Of course we sold the toad and purchased a grown up car. The Villa was cleaned and painted, the bedroom(s) carpet was replaced with matching vinyl flooring, the movers brought back the furniture we purchased from the previous tenant, AND the stuff we had in a separate storage unit while we were on the road. It’s great to hear the grandfather clock my father built for me chiming again! We are currently unpacking boxes and figuring out where things should go “for now.” Knowing it will probably move at least one more time to the final placement. I delivered the motor home to Donna and JGL in Naples. They are excited to sell their condo and go discover America for a few years, just like we did. The cycle continues!!

My friend Tom asked me if I have finally cured my wanderlust? No, I’ve had it since I was twelve years old and I still get the itch after a few months. But our future travel plans do not require a forty foot motor home. We’ll see what the future holds.

Go Confidently In The Direction Of Your Dreams! Live The Life You’ve Imagined. Henry David Thoreau

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