Is This Thing On?

I got an e-mail from my friend John, who is also a follower of He wanted to know if we were still alive, still in Punta Gorda, and still planning to move back to Venice. Fair enough questions from a friend. Thanks for asking John!

Yes, we’ve been parked since November 1st and frankly I am bored out of my mind. I miss the pack up and go. I miss the planning for the trip, the anticipation of what we will see, and then the actual going. All I’ve been doing is nothing, except eating every two hours. And watching curling?! Who knew I liked curling? Why do I like curling? But now even that is over! Well there was that Christmas thing, New Year’s Eve thing, the annual trek to a Sarasota Polo Match thing, a mini high school reunion luncheon thing, but . . .

If You Want Something Done, Ask A Busy Person To Do it. The More Things You Do, The More You Can Do. Lucille Ball, Benjamin Franklin, Elbert Hubbard, W.J. Kennedy, or anonymous

Did you ever try to buy tickets to a major concert like Garth Brooks or Andre Bocelli? You have to wait for the on sale date, quickly log in to get in the line, then watch your spot in the que count down. When it is finally your turn, you’d better select your seats and enter your credit card quickly before you time out. If you are successful, THEN you have to wait six months for the actual concert.

The move back to Venice feels like that! We went on the list for the apartment complex we want as soon as we got back. I’ve called several times (each month) and have been politely told, “we will call you when one becomes available.” In the mean time I did sell some of our RV stuff like the Blue Ox towing system, fancy tire covers, propane fire ring, and Kathryn’s bicycle. So that cash will help when we start to look for furniture. I was not planning to get worried about their not calling until early April, as our current site is paid for until the end of April, the insurance on the coach renews in May, and we have talked with a dealer about consigning the coach once we get that call to move out. He said he could have sold it four times already. I really wanted to believe in the expression Nulla Nuova, Buona Nova, or No News Is Good News.

And then it happened. We got the call! They have the apartment we have been waiting for!! Business must be good though, because we were told, “you have until 5:00 today to get here and sign the papers.” I told her I hadn’t shaved or showered yet but she told me she would hold her nose! Turns out this call was better than good news. It was fantastic news. The apartment that became available faces South and overlooks one of the small lakes. We will be able to have our morning coffee or lunch on our lanai, in the sun, overlooking the lake and fountain. Usher is going to love it too! (we got really spoiled having a water view) The outgoing current tenant is a Canadian who is giving up the apartment and also needs to sell the furniture! Wait, it gets even better. We get the keys April 15th, which leaves us plenty of time to move out of the coach before the month’s end. God is so good to us!

And now I am not bored! We are in search of the remainder of the furniture we need. I am busy arranging for a mover to get our stuff from storage into the apartment. I have to arrange for new insurance coverage for the apartment and the “grown up car.” (which used to be a bundle with the motor home) I need to contact Florida Power and Light and Comcast to establish our accounts. (good riddance DISH Network) The next two months should pass quickly now that we have the tickets and are just waiting for the music to start!

As I said in the post of February 7, 2021 – Anticipation Is Making Me Late!


  1. Fantastic! I was worried in this housing market you may have missed out. We finally got our new bay window installed, it took 10 months to get from the Pella factory. Just in time as the old one was falling apart as they took it out. We still haven’t decided when to start travel again but getting close.

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  2. That’s a great update Paul. It brings to mind that good things happen to good people. Best wishes in this new chapter.

    Chuck Hartley.

    “Complaining about a problem without providing a solution is called whining”. Theodore Roosevelt


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