Stop Twenty Five

Our next stop was Havasu Falls RV Resort in Lake Havasu City, Arizona a new state for us. This stop was planned for four days as a way to break up the drive from Las Vegas to Flagstaff. We hoped to enjoy the lake, maybe go out on a boat rental, or for me to rent a jet ski. Sounds good on paper. It was hot in Las Vegas. I know, it’s a dry heat with only 12% humidity, but . . . IT’S STILL HOT! Lake Havasu was even worse. The temp was 112 degrees. At dawn it had cooled down to only 89 degrees. Strike One!

When we left Las Vegas, most of the drive was on the interstate. There was a section of Route 95 that was two lane whoop de doos, but as it turns out that was the good part. As you enter Arizona on I-40 the road is so horrible I was sure we would break a few dishes. The road is one continuous rumple strip. I don’t know what Arizona does with their federal highway funds but they don’t spend it on I-40. Strike Two!!

The campground was nice enough, clean, level, paved, with a pool, and all that, but. Our site was at the end of a row of twelve. Later that day only one other RV checked in and where do they put them? Right on top of us in site eleven. I mean I could reach out and touch them. Strike Three!!! Our ratings, Kathryn 6, Paul 6, out of 10. I should have given them a 3.

In October, Lake Havasu City will celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the dedication of its famed London Bridge, a 930 foot long structure purchased for $2.46 million in 1968. In today’s dollars that would be $19 million. The bridge was moved from London to Lake Havasu City stone by stone through the Panama Canal and rebuilt here. There is also a recreated Old London Village near the base of the bridge with restaurants, a t-shirt shop, boat rentals and the like. One of the more interesting sites at either end of the bridge are the love locks. A love lock is a padlock couples place on a bridge, fence, statue or installation to commemorate their indestructible bond.

The other major draw if not the lake itself was The Parker Dam. It was a short ride South and we could stay in the air conditioned car. The dam is a very small two lane road you can drive across, but the road is not much wider than our little car itself.

Since we saw the two major attractions and after we added up the three strikes above, we shortened our stay by two days seeking relief from the heat on higher ground in Seligman, Arizona and our first stop on Route 66!

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