Take It Easy

According to our now cancelled trip itinerary, today we are supposed to be “Standing On A Corner In Winslow, Arizona. It’s Such A Fine Site To See.” We’re not. But, since Arizona is currently one of the highly impacted COVID states, maybe that is a good thing? We are still parked in Punta Gorda, Florida safe, bored, missing our dream road trip, but we are not on a ventilator, or in the hospital, or worse.

So much of who we are is where we have been!

They tell me this corner in Winslow gets more than 100,000 visitors each year. The two statues are of Glen Frey and Jackson Brown. I don’t know about “A Girl, My Lord Slowin’ Down To Take A Look,” but yes there is a Flatbed Ford parked on the corner. As the rest of the song goes, I can’t “Let The Sound Of My Own Wheels Drive Me Crazy. I Have To Lighten Up While I still Can and Won’t Even Try To Understand.” We have found our place to make our stand. We will just have to “Take it Easy!”

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