Where Are You Exactly?

One of the goals of creating this site was for family and friends to be able to know where we are, currently. (The other was to hear from you – leave comments, send suggestions of places to visit, or to just say hi. Please do!) As first timers, we weren’t comfortable hitting the road without reservations, but were also unsure of how far we wanted to travel between stops, and how long to stay at each RV park. So the experiment begins with reservations made from June 1st thru September 26th, along our planned route. We should know about half way thru what pace we like and how long we enjoy staying at each place. Then we can then complete the rest of the itinerary arriving back in Punta Gorda, Florida for the Winter by November 1st. If we’ve learned anything in this first week, we’ve discovered there is the plan, and then there is what actually happened!

Our friend Kitty suggested, “It would be a lot easier to keep track of you if we knew where you were going.” Great suggestion Kitty, thanks! If you head over to the Post Cards From The Road link, there is an updated map of the proposed route. Or if you prefer the current trip plan goes something like this:

Punta Gorda, FL; St Augustine, FL; Charleston, SC; New Bern, NC; (added to break up the long drive to Virginia Beach) Virginia Beach, VA; Sewell, NJ; (to visit family and friends) Selingsrove, PA; (to visit Peggy and Chuck) Archbold, OH; (to take the Newmar factory tour) Benton Harbor, MI; Traverse City, MI; Cedarville, MI; (changed from De Tour City, MI) Iron Mountain, MI; (changed from Escanaba, MI) Trego, WI; (to visit Carol and Gary) Marquette, MI; Birch Run, MI; St Catherine Ont, CA; (to visit Margie and Al) Henderson, NY; Ganesvoort, NY; Westhampton, MA; (added to break up the long drive to Salisbury) Salisbury, MA; Glen, NH; (where we were married and lived for seven years) Brattleboro, VT; (added to break up the long drive to Newburg, NY) Newburg, NY; (we have tickets to the Great Jack ‘O Lantern Blaze) Elizabethtown, PA; (to visit with son Bill, Nikki and granddaughter Katlyn) (and Paul has a ticket to the Frank Lloyd Wright Falling Water Home tour, a bucket list item) Gettysburg, PA; (to visit grandson Luke) Sutton, WV; Horse Cave, KY; (we have tickets to tour the Toyota Factory) Cumberland Furnace, TN. (to visit Paul’s sister Kay, Bruce, Eric, Jill, Karen, Jack and Brian – the rest of the family)

All aboard!

UPDATE ONE: It didn’t take long to answer the above question, how long do we want to travel between stops? On paper we knew the mileage between reservations, but once on the road, we added many more stops to break up what would have been too long of a drive. This is supposed to be about the journey not the destination, aka fun.


    1. I have seen the map on the postcard site.
      Looks like you are staying pretty much on course cept for two night detour to NC. But you are now on track again to Virginia Beach. Have a wonder week the guys and keep us all posted as to the fun and experiences you are having. Love Love Love keeping up and reading on them.
      We finished up, cleaning out, dressing up, and mulching the garden beds. All done for another couple weeks.
      Stay safe…Love you both.
      Kitty n Rich


  1. We’re just checking in on you two to see what’s new & exciting! Hello, from us! Dennis & Robin šŸ™‚
    Have a wonderful time! šŸ™‚


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