We Are In Limbo

Back in December, I stopped volunteering as a guide at Patriot Plaza, Sarasota National Cemetery. I also stopped volunteering for activities at my Knights of Columbus Council. The idea was to use this time to get the house ready to put on the market. It has been time well spent since our MLS listing went live on February 14th. Remember the three R’s in school? Our three R’s are replace, repair and repaint. Everything in our home that needed attention has gotten it, and then some. What could be done “in house” was done by the trusty crew of neighbors Chuck and Gary and myself. What we couldn’t do, new carpet the bedroom, painting the lanai deck was contracted out. Kathryn always keeps an immaculate house, but just to be sure, we scrubbed every inch of woodwork, cleaned every corner, and made the house the way we would want it if we were buying it. The results? During the open house, someone asked, “Does anyone actually live here?” I know right? I could call the local hospital and tell them if they overbooked their surgery rooms, they could come here!

So now we wait. How long? Some houses in the area have been on the market sixty days, others one hundred and twenty days. So who knows? Life is being at the exact right place at the exact right time. This house is perfect for someone as it has been for us, but who and when?

Limbo: If you say someone or something is in limbo,                                                                   you mean that they are in a situation where they seem                                                               to be caught between two stages and it is unclear what                                                               will happen next.

That’s us, in limbo. I have the checklist of what has to happen next: find a place to live while we look for a motor home, find a motor home, find a place to park it, find the toad, (aka the small vehicle to be towed) deliver my Explorer to the person waiting to buy it, (he keeps waiving the check in front of me, today? today?) change our address, change insurances, etc. But, we don’t want to do any of this until we are under contract. What if it takes six months or longer to sell? So we’ve gone from busy, busy, busy, to sit around and wait for the phone to ring and be told we would like to have a showing in two hours. Yes, this is what I expected, and no I didn’t think we would sell immediately. I think I’ll go volunteer someplace!

Of course, you may remember the other Limbo. The dance where you try to go under the limbo bar and each time you are successful, they lower it, and you try again, until you make a complete fool of yourself and fall on your a_ _, I mean back! So that’s the Limbo we don’t want. We are hoping to avoid the negotiating of “Would you take?”

UPDATE:  As of March 2nd, we have a signed offer. And yes, it was a painful back and forth. That’s mostly because the buyer’s realtor had no idea what she was doing and was unsuccessful communicating with her Clients. You should see the offer. It is a hand written contract, so light in some areas we couldn’t be sure what it said. In the end this made everyone on edge and unsure of the next step. Thankfully, our realtor stepped in and basically led the way for both sides. Thank you Realtor Number Three!

So, soon we will be moving from Limbo to The Eye of the Hurricane. Head over there for what happens next. Are we having fun yet?


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