Watch Your Step

When we tell people about our plan to sell everything and go full time, the reaction usually falls into one of four categories. 1. Wow, that is awesome! 2. Really? Are you sure? 3. Sounds great but nothing I would do. Or lastly, and it seems we are meeting more and more of these, 4. “I know someone who decided to do that (and maybe they are still out there somewhere. See aren’t you glad you can follow us on this site?) and they just love it. This last category seems to be growing in numbers. Maybe because more and more of us old people retire every day and have decided it’s time. Or maybe because more and more people can work from anywhere and do not have to report to the same location every day. Even for families with children as homeschooling is very acceptable now. I don’t know which or if it is both, but we keep hearing about making reservations, at least for a general direction, well in advance.

If you think about what we are doing, the process can be overwhelming. But, if you take it one step at a time, it becomes more manageable. I like to compare this process of moving to this new life as a sequence of events  similar to a bicycle lock. On a bicycle lock, there are four numbers. If you don’t get each one correct, and in the right order, the lock will not open. But, once you get number one in place, then number two, on down to number four, the lock opens easily and you are on your way!

For us, Step One was to declutter. (see the link we have too much stuff) You can’t take it with you now has new meaning. Step Two is to interview realtors. To whom are we going to entrust this huge task? We must be comfortable that the realtor we choose will approach the sale in the manner we are comfortable. (see the link The Realtor Said What?) Step Three is to make the necessary repairs to our house so any offer will not be held up after a home inspection. It’s time to do the touch ups around the house I’ve been ignoring for years. I know right? Trust your realtor who does this for a living. She or he will advise you whether you should fix that, or build the repair cost into a realistic sale price? Step Four is select the realtor and list the house. If we thought watching Kathryn’s car drive away made this a reality (see the link Reality Check) wait until you see the sign go up in your front yard. Step Five will be accepting an offer.

Once we are on this step, we will have the funds we need to purchase the motor home of our dreams. Well, at least the best we can afford, according to our budget. The purchase would be Step Six. But then there is the issue of where to live between the closing and the finding. Do we rent back from the new owners? How long can we delay closing while still shopping for our coach? More sequence questions to be considered. I guess this is a very large bicycle lock!

After the sale is final and we are no longer going to live at this address, it’s like a game of dominoes. The months of research comes into play. One thing triggers the next because it is time to address all the everyday stuff. The change of address, change of healthcare coverage, change of insurance coverage, etc., etc., etc. You get the picture. I don’t want to get too far out ahead of my skis as we are not even past Step Four yet. Let the dream live on without too many details this early in the game. I read somewhere, it’s not about the destination, it’s all about the journey. Add to that, the journey is completed one step at a time!


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