Full Time or Part Time

What is your lifestyle? Do you need to be near family? Are you an adventurer who wants to go explore what’s out there. This is a good place to start. Once you decide how long you want to “be away” the decision of part or full time travel gets easier. It doesn’t matter whether you are retired, working part time or working full time. It is possible to live your decision in an RV.

With today’s technology, many have chosen to work full time from a non home street address. As you read this, do you think I am in an RV park in Arizona, Texas, or our yet unsold home in Florida? Does it matter? I am able to be in touch with you from anywhere. This is true for working full time as well. I am not the guy to discuss what the best technology on the market is today for the latest and greatest equipment. I actually use an i-flip. I open my phone, say hello, we talk, and I close my phone. Sure it has a camera, calendar, calculator, can text if you push p, q, r to get to s, but I’ve always liked antiques.

This decision of if you want to be in an RV for weeks, months, a season, or until you don’t want to do this any more, will help define your direction for all the other decisions to come. For us, it was easy. As I’ve said on other pages on this site, we knew we wanted to commit to two years at a minimum to give the lifestyle a fair shot, then see what we wanted to do next.

UPDATE: Having done much research, we decided to get a Verizon Jetpack to run the cell phones and internet. When they wanted to add Kathryn’s I-phone to the plan no problem. Trying to add my antique wouldn’t work, because “Verizon is phasing out that technology. Soon the antenna will no long transmit or receive your signal. You will have to get a new phone.” I guess it will soon me like trying to dial using a rotary phone.

So, I got a new phone already. Don’t tell anyone, but they still make flip phones. But, the new plan threw in this tablet thingy so I can text. Assuming I learn how to use it! Hello Jenny? Can you ring me up Tuxedo-8- 3355??

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